Bartok King of the Centaurs(Original Character)

Bartok was an original character I made for a custom contest on Figure Realm. Unfortunately, due to costs, I can no longer post figures to that site. Bartok: King of the Centaurs. As a youngling, Bartok loved to play in the Rang Shea Mountains near his home. He was a care free youth who was adept at hunting, fishing and woodcraft. Like his father he too would one day lead the Centaur nation. Life was good. When he was eight he killed his first dear. At age fifteen he took the trials of manhood. Bartok took down a large grizzly bear all alone. While out with a hunting party cries could be heard coming from the village. The humans came from all over. They feared the peaceful centaurs because they did not understand them. The humans hunted and killed any centaur they could find . Women, children, it did not matter. During the fighting, Bartok?s father Dorgan was killed. When it was all over, there were less than 100 centaurs left alive. Bartok became king and swore vengeance on the humans. He swore that not one man, woman or child will be safe as long as he draws breath. Recipe: He-Man- upper body Hercules centaur- lower body Hair, go-tee and waist.- Aves Fix-It Necklace,- random chain Pendants- small and large one, cut glass (large one colored blue with sharpie marker) Shoulder strap- craft leather Swords- LOTR figures Crown- craft wire Belt- chain from an old belt Tattoos- Temporary Tribal tattoos
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