Hi and Welcome to my website. I am a huge fan of Hasbro's Transformers. My interest started with the original Transformers from 1984. I have been collecting the figures since Generation 1. My collection has grown over the years but sadly I have had to part with many of my figures due to financial problems. I am slowly trying to rebuild my collection piece by piece.


In addition to collecting the fgures, I also customize them to be more accurate to the movies and shows.  I have done several commissions for others over the years and have sold many figures. Please view my photo gallery for examples of customs I have created.

I am always interested in acquiring new figures.  

I frequent many fansites such as TFW, Pro-Customizers and can be found under the screen name stevescustoms. If you'd like to contact me, just shoot me an email at cheetor2@live.com or contact me through here or any of the websites stated above. 

 If you'd like to keep up with any of my newest customs or are interested in submitting a custom idea, you can sign up here for free or send me an email. 


2/2/14: Been over a year since the last update. Most of my time is spent on facebook. I have added TFP Megatron to my custom figures. You can view the pictures here:Steves Custom Figures

1/5/13: I added a new gallery to my facebook site. Classics Jetfire By MacrossFa19. Go check it out. You can get to my facebook site through the photo gallery.

4/28/13: getting ready to add new galleries for Classics Voyager Optimus Prime, Classics Sunstreaker, Classics Dinobot and Generations FOC Grimlock.  



  I need your help, Please go to Procustomizers.com and sign up to become a member.  












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