About Me


My name is Steven Hummel.  I was born and raised in southern New Jersey.  I am 41 years old and am married to my beautiful wife Grace. She is an antique dealer and homemaker. She also runs a web based buisness,www.cleopatrasboudoir.com .We have 2 daughters Kate and Kira. Kate is 21 and Kira is 16. I have a grandson who is named Aiden Patrick Powell and a granddaughter named Carly Nichole Powell.  I'm being called Grandpop quite often. I said that I'm too young to be Grandpop. LOL 


          Customizing toys has been a hobby of mine since I was very young, and used to repaint toys with my moms nail polish. Whenever new toys come out, I look to see how accurate they are compared to the T.V. show or Movie. Of course it's never good enough for me. So I get out the paints and Apoxie sculpt and go to work.  When the Beast Wars Series was on, I had done a lot of those figures. My favorite was Transmetal Rattrap. I was very proud of that figure. Unfortunately, I sold all my Transformers about 4 years ago. (I hate being poor) I have since been rebuilding my collection.


Among my hobbies are collecting Transformers, I've built a nice little collection again. I love to go out to sing Karaoke. I'm a pretty good singer. In fact, I used to do DJ work playing music and doing karaoke. I was hired one night when I went to the bar, just because I could sing. Cool huh?


I also enjoy reading. My favorite authors are the late Robert Jordan who's Wheel of Time series is by far one of the best works of fantasy ever. I can't wait for the final book to come out. Which is now going to be 3 books just because of the sheer size of it. The final volume will be out 1/8/2013.

I like Terry Goodkind. His Sword of Truth series is another excellent work of fiction. The show Legend of the Seeker is very well done but gets too far away from what the books were about.

Another favorite of mine is Raymond E. Fiest. He has created some very rich characters that you come to think of as friends after you have read about them.

Lately, I have also begun to read works by David Eddings.  Sparhawk and Aphrael have really grown on me. Especially the Child Goddess.

And of course there is R.A. Salvatore. The man who gave us the great dark elf, Drizzt Do'Urden. He was the first fantasy writer that I ever got interested in. My first book was Homeland which is part of the Dark Elf Trilogy.


         I'm always open to making new friends so feel free to drop me a line.




My Wife Grace

My Daughters: Kate on the left & Kira on the right

My Grandson, Aiden with Optimus Prime. Aiden's shirt says Grandpop's Little Bumblebee